Welcome to Seahorse Australia

We invite you to explore the exciting world of the seahorse and the world-leading research in aquaculture that is making this unique and mysterious animal available to everyone.

Photo: David Maynard

Quality Seahorses

Now in our 20th year we are one of the most experienced, specialised bulk breeders and exporters of seahorses in the world.

After years of dedicated research and development, Seahorse Australia has established a large-scale farm, producing quality seahorses for the aquarium trade.

The farm is situated in the beautiful Tamar Valley in northern Tasmania, Australia. Clean Bass Strait waters enter the farm on each new tide, aiding the production of the world’s finest farmed seahorses in a pristine environment.

Want to see thousands of seahorses? Are you curious to learn more about them?

Come visit and take a tour of Seahorse World!

Southern Knights - Hippocampus abdominalis

Potbelly Seahorse
Hippocampus abdominalis

Reid Seahorse - Hippocampus reidi

Slender Seahorse
Hippocampus reidi

Common Seahorse - Hippocampus kuda

Common / Yellow / Spotted Seahorse
Hippocampus kuda

White Knights - Hippocampus whitei

White’s Seahorse
Hippocampus whitei

Barbour's Seahorse - Hippocampus barbouri

Barbour’s Seahorse
Hippocampus barbouri

Seahorse Australia is focused on breeding, culturing and supplying superior, disease-free seahorses for the aquarium trade.