Seahorse Australia Pty Ltd

Seahorse Australia Pty Ltd

Seahorse Australia is a unique seahorse and marine ornamental production farm on Inspection Head Wharf, Beauty Point Tasmania.

Now in our 20th year we are one of the most experienced, specialised bulk breeders and exporters of seahorses in the world.

This web site is focussed on seahorse sales and their care in aquariums, with some general information on seahorses.

Thousands of visitors come each year to see a section of our working farm at Seahorse World, situated on the same wharf and if you are primarily interested in our tourism offering please visit our Seahorse World web site.

Currently available species are:
Hippocampus abdominalis (potbelly seahorse) – Temperate species
Hippocampus kuda (ssp taeniopteris) (common/yellow/spotted seahorse) – Tropical species
Hippocampus barbouri (Barbour’s seahorse) – Tropical species
Hippocampus reidi (Slender Seahorse) – Tropical species
Hippocampus whitei (White’s seahorse) – sub tropical species

This web site is currently being upgraded and will be fully restored shortly.

For seahorse sales and enquiries please email:

info@seahorse-australia.com.au or call (+61)3 6383 4811 (part-time manned) or (+61)3 6383 4111 (Seahorse World).

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